Drone based Thermal Inspections for Commercial Rooftop Solar installations.

Take the risk and expense out of rooftop solar (PV) inspections.

Help recoup the cost of installation faster and continue to generate savings by ensuring system is operating at peak efficiency.

Improve building safety by addressing faulty modules or hot spots in a timely manner.

Laguna Drones provides drone based thermal (IR) inspections of commercial rooftop solar installations. Ideal inspection service for hard to access, difficult to access or dangerous to access locations. A drone based thermal inspection and accompanying report will provide you with a detailed information you need and allow you to assign staff to directly inspect & repair highlighted issues rather than have to spend days inspecting and testing perfectly good modules on an individual basis. This will greatly reduce you staff hours spent working in high risk environments.

The drone and thermal camera allows for faster turnaround, quality reporting and considerable savings over the manual manpower approach.

No disruption to operations in or around the building or installation. Minimum footprint, we can operate from the car park or even rear loading areas away from the public. The majority of the time the drone is positioned directly over the roof.Drones for Thermal inspection of Rooftop Solar

The project workflow would generally start with a high overview inspection with primary focus on issues at the module, string, array level. It can then be followed by lower altitude detail inspections of specific locations to further determine the nature of the anomaly. This is most suitable when you need to identify issues at the cell level, with options for spot temperature measurements to confirm nature of the issue.

The results are them compiled in a detailed report moving from the general to the particular, for your review and action.

Our camera system is a dual lens camera with and RGB & Thermal cameras in one unit (DJI/FLIR XT2) and this allows us to provide a RGB and thermal image of the same location to help with further identification of any issues noted. Hot spots identified on a panel, are they caused by dirt/debris, cell level defect, damaged panel, you can compare the thermal and the visual image of the same location side by side.

Laguna Drones can provide inspections and reporting on a one off, monthly, quarterly timescale and we also provide contract services. If you have an inspection you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact us.

  • sUAS Level 1 Thermographer


  • Part 107 Certificated

  • Insured

  • Cal OSHA 10 Hour Cardholder

  • Custom Reporting

  • ISNetworld Member

  • Fast Turnaround

  • One or Two Man Teams

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