Construction Tracking for Larger Projects


A sample of some of the construction projects we have recently been involved in. These project sizes and project aims vary greatly but should be able to provide some ideas for your own project concepts.


Enviroplex ( a Division of the McGrath Corp) manufacturers and supplies modular classrooms/offices for public and private organizations. This project was centered around the La Honda Elementary School in the San Mateo County school district. The project contained a substantial amount of construction tracking but also had an overall marketing concept. We designed a shoot schedule around the project to follow a set of classrooms from the Manufacturing Phase (Stockton), thru the delivery phase and final installation and at the same time we tracked the preparation of the construction site at the school. Multiple shoot days and shoot locations in the Bay area and the Central Valley, including a dawn shot on Hwy 1 as part of the delivery phase.


Multi year project for the Irvine Company, Santa Clara Square, a Commercial, Residential & Marketplace community. High quality images on a regular schedule with a shot list which varies with construction phases and provides a regular progress update to multiple remote stakeholders both internal and external. This helps keep all involved on the same page, using the drone has no impact on production and the project manager workload is greatly reduced. The SCS location is inside the control area for (KSJC) San Jose airport and requires a custom certificate of authorization to suit the flight schedule.