Construction tracking and documentation


On construction projects large and small, commercial & residential, tracking project progress and communicating same with internal and external stakeholders is a very important part of the communication channel. It can also be a very time consuming portion of a project managers schedule.

Enter the drone platform and a quality camera. The drone can provide quality images from overhead of the project progress from varying altitudes and angles or specific locations, the images are uploaded to a shared folder for review by relevant parties or to be used as the visual aspect for weekly or monthly reports.

The drone does not interfere with day to day project production, the images collected have a multitude of uses from project tracking thru to marketing and beyond.

Our drone pilots ( RPIC’s) are experienced drone flyers, quality photographers, Part 107 licensed, familiar with construction sites and wear a full PPE kit as per project SOP.           

In most cases we can operate from a location that is not on the construction site, either way we are fully licensed and insured.


Construction and Documentation using a Drone for imaging, large south bay residential construction project for the Irvine Company. The site was formally the head office for AMD ( Advanced Micro Devices), Laguna Drones task is to document the entire multi year project via drone from initial demolition of the commercial buildings  thru site preparation and residential construction.


Construction Tracking project for the City of Half Moon Bay, Laguna Drones was contracted in early 2018 to provide progress tracking for the Main Library construction project. The San Mateo Library construction project was underway, but the fixed site camera mounted on a pole was not generating the images required to showcase the project and was costing time, money and production each time it need to be relocated.

Laguna Drones was contacted by the city and we provided regular updates to the Project Manger up to an including completion and opening day, providing a unique visual history of the project for years to come.

  • Cost Effective

  • Construction Tracking

  • No Impact on Site Production

  • Quality Images

  • Fixed or Variable Image Positions

  • Reduced Staff Travel Time

  • Actionable Insights

  • Regular Reporting

  • Licensed & Insured

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Weekly Contracts Available

  • Can Takeoff from Offsite


Drone Photography tracking a commercial construction project, Richmond, CA, regular schedule, uploaded to shared folder available to internal and external stakeholders. Project scope, capture Distribution warehouse construction from dirt to completion, custom shoot list to show project progress and building in context. You get one chance to capture and entire project, you have to start from the START!. 24 months of photography condensed into 60 secs.