Laguna Drones was from the outset, created to allow us to cater to a wide range of Businesses and Industries. The experience and the techniques derived fromCommercial Drone Inspection Services projects across multiple industries helps us bring the skill set required for your commercial project to the table. Using high quality industrial and cinematic drone platforms, with top quality cameras and optics we can deliver the images you need of the subject matter to allow you to make decisions on the next steps, without putting anybody in harms way and at a considerable cost reduction in time and manpower.

Commercial and Industrial inspection projects vary in scope and complexity with timelines from hours to a few days. They can be one off events or ongoing inspection contracts. On complex industrial projects each drone will normally have a two man team as well as stakeholders from your in-house team to advise and help confirm the shoot details. These projects are rarely arrive and shoot events, you should expect a considerable amount of planning and evaluation as well as some pre-inspection visits to determine project scope, flight & safety issues so that on the day the project execution is as smooth as possible. Think of Laguna Drones as providing the eyes in the sky and your staff providing the knowledge and skill set to interpret the images and determine the next course of action.Drone Inspection Services for the Telecommunications Industry

If you have a Commercial or Industrial inspection project which you would like to discuss in more detail, email or call us and we will respond promptly.

  • High Resolution Images

  • Aerial Image Perspective

  • Asset Inspection

  • Reduced Hazardous Work Hours

  • Image Record for Verification

  • FAA Licensed (Part 107)

  • Insured

  • Work with Internal Stakeholders

  • Precision Images from a Safe Standoff

  • Livestream  Option