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Laguna Drones, based in San Jose, California provides drone (UAV) based lidar scanning & mapping services locally, regionally and nationally. We use the latest Yellowscan Lidar (mounted on our heavy lift drones) and a Trimble GNSS system for data collection and Geo-location.

We can collect precise scanning & mapping data at the rate of approx 350-500 acres per day (subject to terrain) with or without trees. We have the equipment to allow us to operate in remote locations for extended periods if needed but we are also familiar with urban/suburban challenges.Lidar Drone Mapping Services Northern California

Lidar mapping data can provide valuable insights in a cost effective manner at considerable speed across multiple Industries and verticals:

We can deliver Geo-Referenced, Classified point clouds in short order for

  • Power Utility – Powerline corridor mapping to measure & track vegetation encroachment.
  • Infrastructure – civil engineering, project progress tracking.
  • Construction tracking.
  • Stockpile measurement.
  • Transportation corridor mapping.
  • Landslide identification, monitoring & hazard assessment.
  • Geospatial data for topographic mapping.
  • Custom contour maps.
  • Lidar point clouds – geo rectified.
  • Mining- accurate pit models.
  • Topographic mapping prior to development.
  • Flood control mapping.
  • Asset management.
  • Contract services for licensed surveyors & civil engineers.

Our standard flight altitude ranges from 50-100m, so we are well above operations and with little or no effect on your production.

The lidar system uses an active light sensor (Laser) so we can fly missions at night or in poor lighting.

We can help minimize your hazardous man-hours, stockpile inspection, landslide or rockfall inspection data from a safe standoff.


DRONEDrone Mapping Lidar Services Nevada
DJI M-600 Pro, Hexacopter
6 Battery, A3 GPS positioning.

Yellowscan VX20 with Riegl Mini Vux
Precision/Repeatability: 1cm
Accuracy/Conformity: 2.5cm
Point Density: 60-140 Pt/m2 ( multiple variables)
Up to 5 echoes per shot
GNSS-Inertial Solutions: Applanix APX-20 UAV

GNSS System
Trimble R10-2

Cloudstation ( Yellowscan Propriety).
Applanix POSPac (UAV) PPP Software.
Trimble Business Center(TBC).

  • FAA Part 107

  • Licensed & Insured

  • High Quality Data

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Geo-Referenced Lidar Point Cloud


  • LAS or .txt Deliverables

  • Trimble GNSS

Drone Lidar Services California
Lidar Mapping Services
Lidar Mapping Services

Project Partnerships

We are always available to discuss project partnerships involving EPC’s, Engineering Firms, Civil Engineering Firms, Surveyors and even R&D projects both national and international. We can handle flight logistics and undertake the data collection & processing/delivery to your specifications. If you have a project you have in mind and would like to discuss in more detail, contact us.