Building Inspection Drone Services California


Laguna Drones provides commercial drone inspection services for hard or dangerous to access locations. This can include multi story buildings exterior walls, facades, windows and hard to access roof locations.
The use of a suitable drone causes minimal disruption to staff, customers & general public when compared to alternative methods of data collection.

We can provide RGB (regular camera) as well as Thermal (ir) images of exteriors walls and roofs, if you have roof mounted solar (PV) system we can also inspect and report on same.
These are generally custom projects with Laguna Drones providing high resolution images based on your requirements to allow your staff to review and make decisions on the next step.Commercial Building & Roof Inspections Bay Area
It is not unusual to have a test day at or before project kickoff to help set expectations and solidify the deliverables so all parties are on the same page.
Each project will have unique requirements revolving around location, building, subject matter, airspace, customer, stakeholders and these are items we will address during discussions so we have no surprises during execution.


Exterior Building Inspection – Stanford Hospital
783,000 square feet building
7 floors, 4 floors of glass walls. 12 Sides to the building, 5 Helipads
Hospital open during Inspection.

The project required Laguna Drones to deliver detailed set of images of the individual glass panes for all 12 sides of the building from floor 4-7 inclusive. The images needed to be captured in shade for optimum exposure.Stanford Hospital Exterior Building Drone Inspection

  • The hospital including helipad(s) would be open during the process for patients and visitors.
  • Drones flights are restricted over Stanford campus.
  • Advanced scheduling and discussions with facility management, contractor and stakeholders to address issues and mitigate risks resulted in a operational plan involving two safety crew and a two person flight crew.
  • The project was flown in Dual op mode ( RPIC & VO) with one of our M210 drones & X5S camera.
  • Each wall flown to a schedule, flight approval received from campus, hospital medical staff notified of schedule in advance via facilities management.
  • Life flight contacted at start and finish of each schedule, with communications channels (Cell Phone & Airband radio) available should they have an inbound or outbound emergency, so we could land and not impede their operations. We had to land multiple times during the project with no incidents (and this was expected for an active trauma center).
  • Images reviewed by Laguna Drones, sorted and uploaded to customer within 48hrs of each flight for customer review.



Laguna drones provides Thermal (IR) roof inspections for commercial and residential buildings throughout the country. These IR shots combined with RGB shots can be a great insight into potential roof issues ranging from poor insulation to moisture retention.


Roof Inspection – San Leandro, Ca.
20,000 Square feet
Single Story Commercial
Thermal roof inspection.

Below you will find a slide show with some sample shots showing RGB & IR images highlight general roof condition and in particular areas which need further attention based on thermal image interpretation.


Laguna Drones also provides rooftop solar inspection for larger commercial installations. Once you have completed a commercial rooftop solar installation the roof area contains a great deal of conduit, cabling, module & string mounts resulting in a location which has much less room to walk around on and a much higher potential for trip and fall scenarios.
Enter a quality drone platform with a Thermal (ir) camera mounted or even a dual lens setup.
We can inspect the roof via drone and Thermal camera (and we never leave the ground) defects at the sub module, module and string level can be detected, visualized and reported for further action.
Reports are generated and provided to the building/facility manager for further review.
The upside is that a technician now climbs the roof with a set task to rectify particular issues and spends considerably less time in hazardous work areas.
The flight plans used to gather the data can be saved and reused for each inspection (could be quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually as needed) and so the building owner has the same data type gathered over time to allow for improved tracking of installation performance.

  • Hard to Access Locations

  • Dangerous to Access Locations

  • Hi Resolution Images without anybody leaving the ground

  • Assess Roof condition without setting foot on it

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Structural Inspections

  • Roof Inspections

  • Storm Damage Inspections

  • Thermal (IR) Roof Inspections