Patua Solar (PV) Plant Inspection

Multi Discipline Inspection

Geo-Thermal Plant, Solar (PV) Plant (15MW), Substation, Private Transmission Circuit (69Kv). 

Location: Fernley, NV

Timeline: May 21

Area Of Interest:

  • Solar (PV) Inspection, (15mw) IR and RGB images, Raptor Maps for Processing.
  • Substation Inspection, IR & RGB.
  • Private Transmission Circuit Inspection (RGB & IR), 8.5 Miles, 84 Poles from plant to Nevada Energy tie in. Dual & Mono Poles, off Pavement. All lines energized.


RGB & IR Inspections via Drone
Patua Solar (PV) Plant Inspection
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Substation IR Inspection Nevada
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Patua Transmission Inspection


15MW, Solar PV array, ground mounted with Trackers. RGB & IR images. IR Images are Radiometric. Uploaded to Raptor Maps for processing and report generation.

Utility Grade Solar (PV) Plant Inspection
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Utility Scale Solar PV Inspection
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RGB & IR Inspection. IR Images Radiometric, White hot palette, IR Images at 640*512, Equipment DJI FLIR XT2, 30hz

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Overhead Transmission

69kV private circuit from plant to Nevada Energy Tie-in, 80+ poles over 10 miles, Mono, Dual & Triple construction, Primarily wood. Off pavement access. RGB images to agreed shot sheet, IR images ( White Hot Palette) of Insulators and thru pole hardware.

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