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Drone Inspection services for above ground Transmission and Distribution (T&D) powerlines. The latest in commercial grade drones and  cameras have delivered a robust drone capable of flying safely in high interference environments. We are capturing detailed high resolution images of tower components and structures from a safe standoff and nobody has to leave the ground.Drones_Services_Utility_Inspection_California

Laguna drones under Trak Assets and after on-Boarding with PG&E has assisted in providing quality images from a safe stand off for high voltage transmission and distribution lines throughout Northern California. Two man teams using a custom shot sheet gather images of each tower or pole (Steel or wood), these images are packaged onto a secure drive and delivered to the customer for review and further action if needed.

We use DJI Matrice 210 (RTK) and the Inspire 2 drones. These drones can take an X5S (20MP) camera (among others) with a suitable lens. The camera is gimbal mounted with full operator control, this combined with a skilled and experienced drone operator can capture detailed images with angles which cannot be reproduced by a helicopter photography or ground based crews and at the same time we can still maintain a safe stand-off.  The cost saving in equipment and manpower when using drones over helicopters is considerable.

Andy Kettle, Founder & President of Laguna Drones is

  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) approved RPIC  (Drone Pilot) on the Wildfire Safety Inspection Program (WSIP) 2019-2020
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) approved RPIC (Drone Pilot) on the Drone Investigation Assessment & Repair Program (DIAR) 2019-2020

We operate in the field with teams of two, the pilot (RPIC) operates the drone and the camera, while the (VO) visual observer is responsible for navigation to the location, electronic forms, working with the pilot on the shot list and acting as an extra set of eyes before, during and after the flight. (two pairs of eyes are better than one)

Flying and photographing towers is generally via a set pre-established pattern, the pattern and/or images required may vary for each project and each particular utility and this can be discussed, tested and approved in advance of any contract start.

Flying the towers may involve a set pattern, getting to the towers in the first place can be an entirely different story. Laguna Drones has access to 4WD vehicles (on & off Highway) as well as SXS & ATV’s to allow us to get to flight locations even in the most access challenged locations to delivered required results.

Additional details and images are available for review and discussions via Google Drive folder. Please contact us for a link to the folder.

If you would like to discuss a utility inspection or similar project or even arrange for a demonstration, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

  • Transmission & Distribution

  • DJI M210-RTK

  • Safe Standoff

  • Photographic Record

  • Thermal Inspections

  • FAA 107 Licensed

  • Two Man Teams

  • Safely operate in remote areas

  • Level 1 sUAS Thermographer

  • PG&E Approved Drone Pilot (WSIP) 19-20

  • Drone Inspection as a Service

  • High Resolution Photography

  • SXS/ATV if Required

  • Emergency Inspections

  • Custom Angles

  • Custom Wokflow Design

  • Skilled Drone Pilots

  • Liability Insurance

  • Tower Inspection without leaving the ground

  • SDG&E Approved Drone Pilot, (DIAR) 19-20

Drone Still Images

Below you find some sample still images taken using our commercial grade drone platform and camera. A click on any of the images  will open them up to full size (5280*2970 px) for review and additional zoom options. The file sizes are approx 7mb, so your internet connection and monitor quality will have an effect on images download speed and final rendering. The images are designed to demonstrate the resolution and detail available while maintaining a safe stand-off on any commercial or industrial project you may have.

Commercail Drone Inspection Services California
Transmission Line Inspection by Drone in California
Industrial Drone Inspections California
Drone Inspection Services San Jose
Transmission Line Inspection Services Idaho

For additional information on how progressive power utilities are integrating drones into their inspection process for T&D see the links below to PG&E and SDG&E.

PG&E Wildfire Safety and Inspection Program (WSIP)

SDG&E Drone Investigation Assessment & Repair (DIAR)

If you would like to discuss the use of commercial drones for Power Grid inspections or discuss your project in more detail, please contact us.