Laguna Drones provides commercial and industrial drone inspection services for businesses and facilities throughout the US from our headquarters in San Jose, CA.

We use the latest in industrial and cinematic drone platforms, coupled with high quality, high resolution cameras and optics capable of providing a broad range of images to suit your particular requirements. We can provide an overview image of the subject matter or if necessary provide high resolution still and video of the subject matter from a safe stand off if needed.Commercial Drone Inspection Services

Once the project is complete we can provide images via shared online folder (suitable for smaller projects) or via dedicated inspection software (suitable for larger projects) and there is also the option of providing you with the SD card straight out of the drone (suitable for sensitive projects). It is also not unusual for us to have to sign NDA’s as part of the project conditions.

Our Drones are Manufactured by DJI and for commercial work include the Phantom Pro 4, Inspire 2 and the Matrice 210-RTK, the latter is designed to operate in harsh environments including locations with high RF and EMF’s. Sensors include X5S (20mp Camera), DJI/FLIR XT2 for Thermal inspections, Z30 Telephoto for long distance standoff.

Laguna Drones pilots are fully licensed (part 107) as well as Level 1 sUAs certificated for Thermal Inspections, and insured and can work solo or part of a team, subject to the specific needs of the project.

We have access to multiple pre-approved flight authorizations for congested or restricted airspace as well as pre-approval for night flying (107.29 day light waiver) in Class G airspace nationwide.

Commercial and Industrial projects are by their very nature generally custom projects, if you have a project that you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact us by phone or email and we will be more than happy to assist.

  • High Resolution Images

  • Stills & Video

  • Reduced Hazardous Man Hours

  • Enterprise Grade Drones

  • Thermal Inspections

  • FAA Licensed (Part 107)

  • Insured

  • Multiple Drone Platforms

  • Work with your Internal Team

  • Level 1 sUAS Thermography Certification